Surveillance camera 5mpix with super bright LED lights


Surveillance camera with accurate 5MPIX sensor. SUPER Powerful white LEDs that can be seen in the dark! The LEDs turn with the camera.

The camera has IR night vision LEDs (black and white) and a motion sensor that turns on the camera’s bright LED lights to get a color image even in the dark. In motion detection, a point in the image from which the detection is made can be delimited. The camera can also be used as an “alarm” = you can specify in the program that if there is a movement at a certain point or a certain line is crossed, the camera will alarm.

The camera can be rotated 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically

The camera can be connected to a network either with a cable (RJ45) or wirelessly via a Wifi / WLAN connection. Easy installation with QR code.

The camera also has a microphone and speaker, so if necessary, you can talk about the camera’s cell phone software = two-way audio.

A max 128GB memory card can be used. The camera records to the memory card when motion occurs. Powerful H.265 video compression system saves space on memory card. It automatically overwrites the oldest recordings if the memory card becomes full.

Supports the ONVIF standard, so can also be connected to an external recorder as part of a video surveillance system.

Works with Android and Apple iphone / ipad mobile phones and tablets.

See sample images for image quality!