Savotta tent stove


For use as a heater and for cooking with Savotta field camp tents, also functions as a sauna stove for Savotta sauna tents.

Main features

  • Simple stove for cooking, heating and sauna tent use
  • 7 part chimney (6x pipe piece, 1x spark arrestor) included
  • 7 part chimney packs into stove for transport
  • Compatible with stone racks for sauna use
  • Carry handles
  • Legs collapse for transport
  • Spare chimney pieces and spark arrestors available
  • 2 year material and workmanship warranty
  • Made in Estonia

Comes with a 7 part chimney (6 regular pieces, 1 spark arrestor) which fits inside the stove for transport. The regular 7 part chimney is long enough for use with the FDF 10 and lower tents, for taller tents you will need additional chimney pieces (available separately): 1 for the FDF 10-JSP, 2 for the FDF 20, 3 for the FDF 20-HQ.

With the (available separately as an accessory) stone rack the stove can be used with sauna stones in Savotta sauna tents. Sauna use is very rough on the stove itself and will cause dents and heavy wear which commonly include the bucking of the top of the stove which adversely affects it’s use as a cooking surface.

Technical specs

  • Weight: 18,5 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • Body height: 30 cm (+5 cm chimney connector)
    • Height with legs: 55 cm
    • Length: 42 cm
    • Width: 28 cm
  • Material: steel